3 Tips For Making Your New House Feel Homey

23 June 2015
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Moving from one home to another can be an exciting time. There are plenty of positive reasons why you might be planning a move – maybe you've just bought your first house, or you've landed a great new job in a new city. But after all the commotion of the move is over and you're in your new home with all your boxes of possessions, you can wind up feeling deflated, even if you think you should be happy about completing a move. That could be because your new house just doesn't feel like home to you yet. You can avoid this feeling by taking some steps to make your new home feel homey right away.

Hire a Packing Service

It's an extra expense, but hiring a packing service to pack up your possessions at your old home and unpack at your new home can have a couple of big benefits. For one thing, having professionals unpack your items and put them where they belong means that your new house will look like home much sooner than it would if you take your time unpacking your own boxes.

It's hard to feel settled when nothing is in its place and there are cardboard boxes everywhere you go. A packing service will take your possessions out of the boxes, put them away or put them in the rooms that they belong in so that you can easily put them away and then take the boxes with them for recycling when they leave. That means that you can walk into a house that is free of moving boxes and where your things are easily within reach. Having your familiar items out and ready for you without having to hunt through boxes and bags can make your new place seem much more familiar quickly. Plus, you'll have the added benefit of knowing that your things were packed and unpacked by professionals, which means you're less likely to lose items to breakage or other common moving damage. For more information, contact a business such as Bekins Van Lines Inc.

Make it Smell Like Home

Of all your senses, your sense of smell is the one that's most closely linked to your memories. Bringing the smells of your old home into your new house can help trigger the memories of feeling at home and help you feel more connected to your new space. It can be a while before your new house smells like you and your family, but there are a few things that you can do to speed the process.

Don't order out or go out to eat on your first night in your new home. Get the kitchen organized first, and cook some simple family favorites.  The scent of your favorite pot roast or lasagna can help you feel more like you're at home.

If you've moved long distance, you may find that the scents wafting in from outside are very different also. For example, if lavender was growing wild in your old neighborhood but is nowhere to be found in your new neighborhood, you may miss the scent, even if you don't realize it. Scented candles or oils can help replace the scents that you're missing, at least long enough for you to acclimate yourself to the scents in your new location.

Make Friends

Loneliness can exacerbate feelings of isolation and homesickness after a move. Even if you haven't gone very far, you'll still be seeing different faces than the ones that you're used to passing day in and day out. Make an effort to turn the unfamiliar into the familiar by getting to know your neighbors.

Stop by and introduce yourself to the people next door or across the street. Invite new coworkers over for dinner. Encourage your kids to make friends with the kids in the park down the street, and invite them over to play in your backyard (make sure to introduce yourself to their parents!) This may sound obvious, but if you're feeling lonely and nostalgic for your old home, making an effort to meet new people may not come easily. Start right away, before the novelty of moving wears off, instead of waiting to settle in. That way, when the feelings of homesickness do start, you'll already have friends around you to help keep your mind occupied.

When your possessions are all in their proper places, your house smells familiar, and you're surrounded by friends, you'll be amazed how quickly you can adjust to your new surroundings.